Christy Kelley Wilson

Director of Business Development

As Director of Business Development, Christy serves as a liaison for both the medical community and general public to increase awareness of the Americ... Read More

Darla Dixon, R.N., B.S.B.


Darla is the heart and soul of American Hyperbaric Center. A Registered Nurse by education, she co-founded the company out of a deep desire to help th... Read More

Dr. Tyler Sexton, MD, CHWS, CHT, DMT

Medical Director

Dr. Sexton earned his medical degree in 2010 from the University of Sint Eustatius School of Medicine, specializing in pediatrics and hyperbaric medic... Read More

Joe Moore

Safety Director & Chamber Tech

As Safety Director for the American Hyperbaric Center, Joe is responsible for the chamber operations, maintenance, staff, and overall safety of each p... Read More

Keith Dixon

IT Manager

AHC could not function as well as it does without Keith making sure all the technology works as it is designed to do. He keeps all of our software and... Read More

Kevin Mohler

Vice President & Director of Marketing

As co-founder, Vice President and Director of Marketing, Kevin works to make sure the AHC marketing messages are clearly communicated to medical profe... Read More

Troy Dyess

Director of Operations

Troy Dyess is currently the Director of Operations for AHC as well as the Director of Operations for AHC's sister company, American Autism & Rehab... Read More