Joe Moore

Safety Director & Chamber Tech

As Safety Director for the American Hyperbaric Center, Joe is responsible for the chamber operations, maintenance, staff, and overall safety of each patient. He continually monitors the chamber to make sure everything is working properly and efficiently, ensures staff members are correctly trained, and assists in operating treatments. Joe has been in the hyperbaric medicine field since 2004, with a background in EMS and fire service as a paramedic. He has experience working in critical care hyperbaric units, treating illnesses such as carbon monoxide poisoning and diving injuries, and has served as a hyperbaric technician and Safety Director in both the clinical and hospital setting.

While working in the ER, Joe’s hobby as a recreational scuba diver led him to his interest in hyperbaric medicine. He enjoys building a rapport with patients and following them throughout their treatment process to see results at the end. Joe is excited about the opportunity to treat a larger range of patients at AHC. Having seen the effectiveness hyperbaric treatment has had on many patients throughout his career, Joe is looking forward to more research-based applications in the advancement of this field to provide more opportunities to improve the quality of life for others.

Joe enjoys hunting and raising his two young girls to be huge Alabama football and Braves baseball fans.