Alzheimer’s dementia (AD)

A 58-year-old female was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s dementia (AD) and was getting worse very quickly 8 months prior to initiation of hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT). A PET scan (18FDG PET) showed the normal symptoms of Alzheimer's (posterior temporal-parietal watershed and cingulate areas). 8 weeks of HBOT reversed the patient’s worsening symptoms. More PET scans showed 6.5–38% regional and global increase in brain metabolism, including increased metabolism in the usual Alzheimer's testing areas of the brain. Continued Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) along with usual treatment kept the patient’s symptoms the same for 22 months. This is the first reported case of hyperbaric oxygen therapy and 18FDG PET (a type of PET scan) and it documented improvement of brain metabolism in an alzheimer's patient.

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Key words: Alzheimer’s dementia; hyperbaric oxygen; textural analysis; positron emission tomography; imaging pharmacokinetics; pressure pharmacodynamics