Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for Cancer

DISCLAIMER: This information is for informational purposes only and is not intended to replace the advice of a physician. Anyone who wishes to embark on any medical program intended to prevent or treat a specific disease or condition should first consult with a qualified physician.

There has been a major concern for years about providing HBOT to patients with cancer. Cancers thrive in blood rich environments, but may be suppressed by high oxygen levels. HBOT treatment in those with cancer presents a problem, since HBOT both increases blood flow via angiogenesis and also raises oxygen levels. Taking an anti-angiogenic supplement may provide a solution.

A study by Feldemier, et al. and a recent NIH funded study on Stem Cells by Thom, et al., indicate that HBOT is actually beneficial in producing stem/progenitor cells, and the malignant process is not accelerated.