We treat wounds to the brain.
Patients (51 out of 52) diagnosed with acute concussions completely resolved her/his symptoms in five or less treatments (average of 2.4 treatments per concussion) of hyperbaric oxygen therapy, according to Dr. Daphne Denham. Her most recent numbers of success as of February 2018 are 118 successes out of 120 patients diagnosed with acute concussions. 

Readers can learn more about this by viewing a short film entitled “Concussion Help in a Hyperbaric Chamber?”: Many brain injury patients (think contact sports like football, hockey, soccer, basketball, etc.) are able to be treated in a couple of days; they can return without any symptoms quickly back to school and their athletic program. 

If you look at the comments from the concussed patients, we hear them speak of massive improvements in just an hour or two of treatment, as if the fog has cleared as the symptoms go away. It is hard to determine yourself, when the brain is damaged, just how much it is damaged. When you have massive improvement, it is easier to reflect and realize just how far you have come. We see this in patients regularly.

Sports athletes want to get back in the game and don't always know or want to do what is necessary for the best improvement. The data and testimonials prove that hyperbaric oxygen therapy assists in healing an acute concussion. 

The Concussion Protocol must be improved to reflect what Dr. Denham and hundreds of other hyperbaric oxygen therapy clinics are showing every single day... brain injuries can be successfully treated and healed as much as possible using hyperbaric oxygen therapy.