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Operation HBOT

Our mission is to aide in restoring the quality of life for the service men and women fighting the effects of silent wounding.

"It has been called the shot without the bullet, the slash without the sword. It is present everywhere within its range and it cannot be shielded." – Franchino Rusca

Approximately 20% of service members who return from combat meet criteria for depression, post-traumatic stress and/or traumatic brain injuries. These conditions take a major toll on the quality of life. Over seven million service men and women are battling the effects of PTS. Twenty-two of these brave souls take their own life each day. This is roughly 8,000 veterans a year, men and women who put their life on the line for you and me.

The pathophysiology associated with these conditions begins with over pressurization or blast injuries. There is a pattern of injuries associated with direct or indirect exposure to pressure waves. The pressure wave created by the blast will travel through the body at different speeds depending on the tissue density. Specifically, in the blood vessels, the blast will create rapid cycles of compression and decompression that can result in air emboli injury in the tissue. This can result in a negative effect on multiple organs.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy has shown, through multiple studies, to aide in the symptoms related to these medical conditions. This is achieved by reducing and or dissolving any emboli that remain and super oxygenating the tissue that was hypoxic due to the emboli. Some of the common results seen are improved sleep patterns, increased energy levels and memory capacity. There has been reduction in migraines, anger, anxiety, brain fog, and ringing in the ears. Many have experienced a general improvement in wellbeing of everyday life.

Operation HBOT does have requirements. To be eligible for this program a military ID or DD 214 must be presented. A psychological and medical exam is required as well as a diagnosis of PTS or TBI by a physician. All patients will need a chest x-ray if one has not been completed in the last 6 months. Signs and symptoms include but not limited to:

  • Aggression
  • Anxiety
  • Apathy
  • Behavioral impairment
  • Cognitive impairment
  • Depression
  • Headaches
  • Irritability
  • Memory lapses
  • Muddled reasoning
  • Short attention spans

This program will provide:

  • 40 treatments at 1.75 ATA
  • Each treatment consists of breathing 100% oxygen for 60-minutes
  • Consultation with AHC physician
  • Intake and exit interview with AHC staff
  • Follow up visit at 6 and 12 months
  • Results tracked with ANAM pre and post*

American Hyperbaric Center is a stand-alone hyperbaric clinic. This means we are not attached to or affiliated with a hospital entity. By being a stand-alone center, we can treat a vast array of internationally approved indications. Unfortunately, Medicare/Medicaid or private insurance companies have not approved these internationally approved indications for reimbursement. Therefore, all our treatments are private/self-pay. Another unique characteristic of American Hyperbaric Center is our chamber; AHC’s chamber is a steel hulled, multiplace chamber, capable of holding multiple patients at one time. The chamber meets requirements of NFPA, ASME and PVHO-1. Most centers utilize monoplace chambers, which are just as effective, but only allow for one patient at a time. Monoplace chambers usually require you to be lying down, whereas our chamber allows for you to sit up comfortably. There are many safety precautions taken with each treatment to ensure your safety. American Hyperbaric Center is proud to work with TreatNOW and Mission 22 and we look forward to further building relationships with organizations who share the goal of fighting for our warfighters.

With the support of the American Autism & Rehabilitation Foundation, as a 501(c)(3) we will be given the opportunity to secure grants, receive donations and engage in fundraising activities with the goal of offering hyperbaric oxygen therapy to qualified veterans at no cost to them. Outreach would be done by partnering with organizations such as TreatNOW, Mission 22, and peer programs set by local fire and police departments.

To learn more about Operation HBOT or the American Hyperbaric Center, please contact us at 251.210.1496 or

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